Pieter Oomen


Current position

Postdoc at the Department of Chemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Previous positions

Researcher at SieveCorp Europe BV, Leek, The Netherlands

Postdoc at University of Groningen, The Netherlands


PhD (microfluidics, analytical chemistry) at University of Groningen, The Netherlands

MSc, BSc (pharmacy) at University of Groningen, The Netherlands


My research revolves around the integration of micro- and nanoscale sensing technology into microfluidic devices (lab-on-a-chip). This approach allows for great experimental control, which I use to work on neurochemical and other biological research questions.

In the Ewing lab, I aim to develop a nanoscale, enzyme-coupled glutamate biosensor. This biosensor will be integrated in a compartmentalized microfluidic device in which neurons can be cultured. Using microfabricated structures, direction of neuronal and axonal growth will be facilitated, allowing careful study of glutamatergic neurotransmission under the influence of locally administered drugs and dietary compounds.