Jenny Bergman



I received my Master of Science in Chemistry from the University of Gothenburg in 2009, with thesis title, “Determination of acetylcholine by HPLC-EC in microdialysis sample from awake freely moving rats” at Neurosearch, Gotheburg, Sweden in 2009. I then joined the Ewing group in june 2009, working with Dr. G. Safina


My research is focused on developing microelectrode arrays for spatial imaging of exocytosis from single cells and to modify these microelectrode surfaces for simultaneous detection of different analytes.

My current focus is to modify carbon fiber microelectrodes for detection of insulin, a molecule not detectable at a bare carbon fiber electrode. The modified microelectrodes will be combined into an array with up to 7 individually addressable electrodes to study the release of insulin from single pancreatic β-cells. A better understanding of insulin secretion promises tobe one piece in the puzzle of understanding diabetes mellitus, a disease that affects millions of people all over the world.

A long-term goal of the project is to combine different electrode modifications into one single array, to, for example, detect glucose and insulin simultaneously at the same location.