2023.08.11-15   The Ewing group moves to the University of Gothenburgs newest science building: Natrium.

2023.03.16 Mohaddeseh Amiri-Aref joins the group as a postdoc.

2023.02.11 The Ewing and Borges groups collaborate on a review, The dynamic nature of exocytosis from large secretory vesicles. A view from electrochemistry and imaging in Cell Calcium.

Amir Hatami leads the effort to publish a review on Advances in nano/microscale electrochemical sensors and biosensors for analysis of single vesicles, a key nanoscale organelle in cellular communication in Biosensors and Bioelectronics.

Désirée Bayibsa joined the group as a research assistant.

2022.12.21 Wenju Xu joined as a visiting professor. 

2022.12. 15 Uchenna Patrick Ogodo successfully defends his MS degree

2022.09-01 Hui Gu received Marie Curie grant (2022) and started as postdoc

2022.02-01 Hanna Zhdanova starts as groups Research Administrator

2021.11.01 Elias Ranjbari starts as Senior Engineer running the NanoSIMS

2021.01.01 EJRPD Collaborative grant begins

2020, 10, 15, Xiaofei Wang arrives from Shanxi Normal University as visiting PhD student

2020.1.1  Amir Hatami receives grant from Vinnova as Honourable Mention for Marie Curie competition (2019)

2019.09.11 Alex S. Lima started as postdoc

2019.09.02 Fei Ma started as a visiting PhD student from Fudan University

2019.08.15 Alicia Lork started as a PhD student

2019.07.16 Keke Hu started as postdoc

2019.03.11 Kim Long started as a PhD student

2019.02.15 Stefania Rabasco started as a PhD student

2018.10.01 Xuilan He from ICCAS China started as postdoc

2018.09.15 Xinwei Zhang from Wuhan University started as postdoc

2018.09.01 Ying Wang from University of Virginia started as postdoc

2018.08.15 Zhaoying from ICCAS and Tsinghau University China started as postdoc

2018.07.10 Yingning Zheng from Southwest University China started as postdoc

2018.06.15 Tho Nguyen started as a PhD student

2018.05.22 Mina Rouhani starts a 6 months visit

2018.05.17 Sanna Samförs succesfully defends her PhD thesis

2018.04.06 Andy gets official word of the ERC Advanced Grant for 2.5 million Euros (second time for ERC grant)

2018.02.16  Johan Dunevall successfully defends PhD

2018.01.26  Jenny Bergman successfully defends PhD

2018.01.01 Mohadesseh Aref is awarded a prestigious Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship to begin in October

2017.12.03 2017.12.10 Group goes to Tenerife for Leadership course (see gallery)

2017.11.14   Andy gives Plenary Lecture, Symposium on Biosensing and Imaging in Neuroscience, Shanghai, China

2017.11.13   Andy gives Keynote Lecture, 17th Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Microscale Separation and Analysis, Shanghai, China 

2017.09.30 Andy gives a Keynote Lecture at Euroanalysis in Stockholm

2017.09.23 Andy receives the European Advanced Materials Award from the International Association of Advanced Materials

2017.09.23 Andy gives a Plenary Lecture at the European Advanced Materials meeting on a cruise ship between Stockholm and Helsinki

2017.09.19 Andy gives a Plenary Lecture at the International Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry (ISEAC) meeting in Changchun, China

2017.06.27 Jelena Lovrić wins the Arne Sjögrens Prize 2017 from the Chalmers Nano Area of Advance

2017.07.06 Scholarship position with stipend announced

2017.06.06 June issue of Nature Reviews Chemistry is out with our new review, “Measuring synaptic vesicles using cellular electrochemistry and nanoscale molecular imaging”

2017.05.11 Andy gives opening Plenary Lecture, The Scientific International Symposium on SIMS and Related TechniquesBased on Ion-Solid Interactions, Kyoto, Japan

2017.03.17 Dr. Elias Ranjbari wins Human Frontiers Postdoctoral Fellowship to come join the group

2017.03.05 – 2017.03.09 Pittcon 2017 Ewing group gives 2 talks and 5 posters

2017.02.09  Andy informed he will receive European Advanced Materials Award at meeting in August

2017 March Neda and Felicia join group as project students for 20 weeks

2017.02.03 Tina Angerer (Fletcher group) defends PhD

2017.01.27 Amir Mohammadi defends PhD

2016.10.10 Andy gives a Plenary Lecture at 6th Chinese Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, Dalian, China

2016.09.30 Neda Najafinobar defended PhD

2016.09.29 Jelena Lovric defended PhD

2016 August Chaoyi Gu starts as new PhD student

2016.05.29 Andy co-chairs the Monitoring Molecules in Neuroscience Meeting in Gothenburg

2015.08.25 Daixin Ye arrives as postdoc.

2015.04.01 Anna Larsson begins as PhD student.

2015.03.10 Andy receives the Pittcon Analytical Chemistry Award.

2015.03.08 Pittcon begins. The Ewing group and collaborators give 10 presentations during the week.

2015.03.4 Mai Hoang arrives as PhD student.

2015.01.30 Application for a full-time office and laboratory assistant at Chalmers University, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Sweden, with start Spring 2015 is now open.

2015.01.26 The applications for two full time postdoctoral stipend positions in Analytical Neurochemistry at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden with start Spring 2015 is now open.

2014.12.15 Zahra Taleat arrives as postdoc.

2014.08.06 Lin Ren arrives as postdoc.

2013.10.01 Andy gives a Planary Lecture at the BECIA Meeting in Bejing, China

2013.09.16 The webpage for The National Center for Imaging Mass Spectrometry (NCIMS) is launched.

2013.09.09 Andy receives ACS Analytical Award for Electrochemistry at ACS meeting in Indianapolis

2013.09.01 Sanna Sämfors starts as PhD Student

2013.06.05 Lisa Mellander defends her PhD thesis.

2013.06.01 Masoumeh Dowlatshahi Pour starts as PhD student

2013.04.10 Xianchan Li arrives as postdoc.

2013.03 Andy recieves Reilley Award at Pittcon

2012.12.20 Lorentz Gerber arrives from Umeå University as visiting postdoc.

2013.12.06 Carina Berglund defends PhD thesis

2012.05.27-2013.06.03 Group Course in Greece

2012.05.23 Wolfgang Harreither says goodbye to head back to Austria.

2012.05 Yuqing Lin is offered a position as Associate Professor at Capital Normal University in Beijing, China.

2012.05 Announced that Andy will receive the 2013 Charles N Reilley Award from SEAC.

2012.05 Andy is elected to the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences (Chemistry Class, Class IV).






2012.04 Kübra, Johan, Amir join the group as PhD students.


2012.02 Andy becomes an Associate editor at Analytical Chemistry.

2011.12.09 Andy is appointed a Wallenberg Scholar with an unrestricted grant of 15 000 000 SEK.

2011.10 Three new graduate students, Hoda Fathali, Neda Najafinobar, and Jelena Lóvric have recently joined the bioanalytical group.

2011.09.23 Nhu wins a poster award at the SIMS meeting for the poster done by her and Ingela.

2011.09.19 Jörg Hanrieder received the honory prize at the 2011 Phabian Award for the best PhD thesis of the year awarded by the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Apotekarsocieteten).

2011.09.14 Peter and his wife had their baby at 1:30 in the afternoon. A huge congratulations Peter!!

2011.09.12 Wolfgang Harreither gets married on September 11.

2011.09.12 The MS imaging group will travel to the International SIMS meeting in Riva Del Garda Italy in September. Melissa Passarelli will give a talk and Nhu Phan will present a poster.

2011.09.06 Six new postdocs start in the bioanalytical subgroup on sensors, imaging and cells in 2011, including Raphael Trouillon in January, Jackie Keighron in March, Jun Wang in May, Wolfgang Harreither in May, Jörg Hanrieder in June, and Melissa Passarelli in August.

2011.09.05 New PhD student joins the bioanalytical group. Hoda Fathali began September 12.

2011.09.01 Yuqing Lin announces she will have a baby in January, 2012. Another group baby!